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Future Airbone Capability Environment (FACE™)

Abaco Systems Welcomes Open Group Launch of FACE™ Conformance Program

• “Significant milestone” will benefit customers with reduced cost, time, risk
• FORCE2 mission computer designed for FACE-conformant application development

Abaco Systems welcomed the launch by The Open Group of the FACE™ (Future Airborne Capability Environment) Conformance Program. The FACE Conformance Program defines the processes to verify, certify, and provide formal recognition that registered software conforms to the FACE Technical Standard. It provides a number of benefits for buyers as well as suppliers of avionics systems.

Abaco has long been an active member of the FACE Consortium, which exists to define an open avionics environment for all military airborne platform types. Increasingly, the principles of FACE are being leveraged beyond airborne applications.

“This is a significant milestone for the FACE consortium, achieved by years of work and hundreds of man hours of volunteer time,” said David French, Director, Business Development at Abaco Systems. “The FACE Conformance Program will enable computing product suppliers like Abaco to develop, verify, certify, and register software products that conform to the FACE Technical Standard, delivering substantial benefit to our customers. ”

In response to the FACE initiative, Abaco has developed the FORCE2 rugged computer for mission processing, display computing and vehicle management. The FORCE2 computing platform enables organizations to develop applications that are conformant with the FACE initiative – reducing NRE, time and effort and speeding time-to-deployment. Part of Abaco’s certifiability portfolio, the FORCE2 is unique in being a COTS system with a roadmap not just to DO-254/DO-178 certifiability, but also support of DO-254 DAL A artifacts – significantly reducing customer workload and expense.

“Abaco is 100% committed to the support, not only of open industry standard technologies and architectures, but also industry initiatives such as FACE, the US Army’s VICTORY and the British Army’s GVA (Generic Vehicle Architecture),” said Bernie Anger, CEO of Abaco Systems. “These initiatives deliver real value to our customers as well as to the taxpayer, and enable the armed forces to maximize their return on investment with improved interoperability, flexibility and upgradability – reducing lifetime cost of ownership. ”

According to The Open Group, the FACE Conformance Program means that buyers get reliable assurance of conformance to standards and best practices as well as increased confidence in portability and re-use. It also delivers easier integration and faster time into the field, resulting in lower cost and risk - both at the outset and as the technology is inserted and refreshed throughout the life of the system or platform.

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